We have been providing our clients with professional service in the fields of law of contracts, international commerce law, corporation law, competition law, maritime law, energy law, arbitration, tax law and enforcement law in our office which was established by Attn. Mehmet AKKKAN in Izmir in 1985.

Our prior goal is prevention of disputes by taking the necessary legal precautions before arising conflicts. For this purpose, we advise firms  to receive consultancy service regularly.  In case of actualized disputes, our main goals are determination of the methods which will provide the solutions in the quickest and most efficient way, and application these methods in cooperation with our clients. To realise this goal, it is extremely significant to legally identificate the dispute correctly and determine the most efficient methods. In this context, our law firm provides best quality services with our team who follows the changes of lagislation and case law. Our team examines all parts of the dispute and combines it with legal knowledge and industry-specific information.