Corporation Law

Akkan Law Firm provides the services are as follows:

  • Following the company establishment procedure, preparing and controling articles of assosiations,
  • Providing family companies consultancy service about institutionalization,
  • Carrying about operations such as resutructuring of company, merger, acquisition, demerger,
  • Making legal risk assesment and preparing a risk report about the company to be acquired in merger and acquisition transactions,
  • Articles of associations amendments,
  • Following the process about capital increase,
  • Share transfer agreeements and in case of exceptions, following allowance process,
  • Preparing and controling documents of general meeting and following general meetings,
  • Following all cases about corporation law such as; action for nullity of general assembly resolutions, right to review of sharer, special auditor claims, responsibility of board members, actions for company annulment,
  • Following cases and process about withdrawing from partnership and exclusion,
  • Following the transactions in process of corporation liquidation.